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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to have a diagnosis to participate in a SEL group?

No! The concepts and strategies taught during these SEL groups are skills that ALL students should be exposed to. Be Well with SEL, LLC was created to support ALL students' mental and behavioral well-being.

*Please refer to the "client agreement form" to see Be Well with SEL, LLC's Code of Conduct, as certain behaviors are not tolerated.

What is the cost of a 6 week SEL group?

The total cost of a 6 week SEL group is $300. Each group runs for 45 minutes.
(When a 5 week SEL group is offered, the cost is also $300, however each group runs for 60 minutes. Summer SEL groups may differ. Please see informational flyers for each group.)

Accepted forms of payment include cash, check made payable to "Be Well with SEL , LLC" or Venmo @KristenPerrotti
50% of the payment is due at the time of registration in order to secure your child's spot. The remaining 50% is due on or before the start of the first class.

Does insurance cover the cost of a SEL group?

No. Be Well with SEL, LLC does not accept insurance. All groups are private pay.

Be Well with SEL's enrichment programs involve teaching skills and strategies (educationally based), and are not individual treatment plans for students. Students will not be working on individual goals, such as IEP goals or behavior plans. Such tools and skills will be general and can be applied to any situation a student faces in the future.

Can my child take a trial class?

Unfortunately, No. Space is limited to a certain number of students per group, therefore trial classes are not offered.

Can my child participate in more than one SEL group?

Yes! Students may participate in more than one SEL group per session (for example a child may enroll in "Worry Warriors" and "Chill Skills" during the same session.) MANY students enroll in another SEL group during future sessions! It is not recommended to take the same SEL group more than once, as the curriculum remains the same.
*Families also receive a $50 discount when one child is enrolled in more than one group during the same session!

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes! As long as siblings are enrolled in a SEL group during the same session (does not have to be the same topic), the second child will receive a $50 discount.

I would like my child to participate in a group, however I think s/he will resist going.

When talking about the SEL group with your child, be sure to frame the group as an opportunity your child GETS to participate in, not HAS to participate in. Buy in can be challenging, especially with students in grades 5-8. It may be helpful to tell your child that attending the 6 classes will give them tools and strategies to manage their emotions, and give them the skills necessary to face future life events. ALL participants (including the group leader!) will feel nervous for the first class or two. We want to normalize this emotion (then remind students they will learn strategies to manage it!), not try and prevent the feeling from happening.

What do students do during the 45 minute group?

Through the use of books, games, video clips, make and take crafts, and lessons, students have FUN while learning valuable social emotional learning skills. Students also leave with a "take home" note after every class, so that skills and concepts can be reinforced at home.

Does Be Well with SEL, LLC offer therapy for my child?

No. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) groups offered are not considered a form of therapy. Lessons taught are not individual treatment plans, but rather skill building strategies that can be applied to any situation a child faces. SEL groups are considered enrichment programs or educationally based lessons. Students who participate will be shown valuable concepts and tools, and practice coping skills to appropriately manage their emotions and behavior at home, school, and in the community.

Are virtual SEL groups available?

No. At this time, Be Well with SEL, LLC only offers IN PERSON groups.

Can I attend the SEL group with my child?

No. Families are not allowed to join the classes with their children. Since it is a group setting, the confidentiality of the other group members must be maintained. SEL classes are considered enrichment programs and are educationally based...not a form of therapy. If your child is in therapy, families should be joining those sessions in order to be a part of their child's treatment plan.

However, a "take home note/packet" is sent home after every class. The packet shows all skills and strategies taught that day, so that families can reinforce the concepts at home. Take home notes also serve as "talking points" since many children often say "I forget" or "I don't know" when asked about activities completed!

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